Staff List

Name Position E-mail Voicemail
Tim Vialpando Principal [email protected] 303-982-0662
Kim McCormack Assistant Principal [email protected] 303-982-5022
Main Office Staff
Name Position E-mail Voicemail
Carol Miner Business Manager [email protected] 303-982-5014
Jayne McGarry Financial Secretary [email protected]     303-982-5143
Cindy Weakley Health Room Aide [email protected] 303-982-5025
Counseling and Mental Health
Name Position E-mail Voicemail
Scott Major Counselor
6th A-K, all 7th
[email protected] 303-982-5012
Merrie Wrinn Counselor
6th L-Z, all 8th
[email protected] 303-982-5122
Jessica Kesely   504 Secretary [email protected]  303-982-6291 
Malissa Trojan Social Emotional
Learning Specialist
[email protected]
Dylan Duran GT Center Social Emotional Learning Specialist [email protected] 303-982-6145
Instructional Support and Intervention Services
Name Subject/Position E-mail Voicemail
Inger Pippin Instructional Coach [email protected] 303-982-1471
Susan Scott Intervention Specialist [email protected]
Alyssa Ohleyer  Social Worker   [email protected]  
John McLaughlin Interventionist [email protected]
Jared Vigil
(guest teacher)
Instructional Support  [email protected]   
Caeli Duerson
Speech Pathologist [email protected]
Olivia Waszczuk Occupational Therapist [email protected]
Erika Miller Physical Therapist [email protected]
Christine Blake CLDE Teacher [email protected] 303-982-8350
Craig Walker GT Resource Teacher [email protected] 303-982-6290
Deputy Jenkinson School Resource Officer [email protected]
Erin Weber Area Nurse [email protected] 303-982-4890
Name Position E-mail Voicemail
Christine Robb Digital Teacher-Librarian [email protected] 303-982-5032
Donny Haney ECTS Support Technician [email protected] 303-982-4686
Language Arts
Name Subject/Grade Level E-mail Voicemail
Heather Ferry 7th and 8th Grade Language Arts
[email protected]
Andy Fischels 6th and 7th Grade Language Arts
[email protected]
Angie Mays 7th and 8th Grade Language Arts
[email protected]
Mary Noto 6th and 7th Grade Language Arts
[email protected]
Name Subject/Grade Level E-mail Voicemail
Jack Cawelti 6th and 7th Grade Math [email protected]
Katie Linkner 7th and 8th Grade Math [email protected]
Matt MacGregor 8th Grade Math and Algebra I [email protected]
Ashley Volzke 6th Grade Math
[email protected]
Name Subject/Grade Level E-mail Voicemail
Sierra Boites 7th and 8th Grade Science
[email protected]
Melissa Doherty 6th and 7th Grade Science
[email protected]
Andrew Mattivi 6th and 7th Grade Science
[email protected]
Dom DeSoto 8th Grade Science
[email protected]
Social Studies
Name Subject/Grade Level E-mail Voicemail
Brett Blazek 6th and 7th Grade Social Studies [email protected]
Jayme Blincoe 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies
[email protected]
Julia Fliss 6th Grade Social Studies [email protected]
Dave Stitch 8th Grade Social Studies
[email protected]
Name Subject E-mail Voicemail
Jimmy Ackermann Music, Band, Orchestra [email protected]
Alexis Alvara Family and Consumer Science [email protected]
Laura Billups Orchestra [email protected]
Mariel Carlin Physical Education and Rec Sports [email protected]
Joe Chiavini Woodworking and Skilled Trades [email protected]
 Dom DeSoto Leadership [email protected]  
Julia Fliss World Languages [email protected]
Marc Poort Physical Education and Team Sports [email protected]
Marisa Poort Art [email protected]
Jonathan Russell STEM and Gateway to Technology [email protected]
Jessica Scott Choir [email protected]
Niki Tottingham Spanish [email protected]
Name Position E-mail Voicemail
Corey O'Keefe Facility Manager [email protected] 303-982-5016
Max Warren Custodian [email protected]
Mark Paolini Kitchen Manager [email protected]
Educational Support Professionals
Name Position E-mail Voicemail
Katie Murphy Paraeducator [email protected]
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