Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What are the school hours?

The EMS office is staffed everyday from 8:30 to 4:30. The school day begins at 8:55 with the first bell and ends at 4:00. All students must be picked up by 4:15pm unless working directly with a teacher.

Can my child come into the school before the first bell?

Students are allowed to enter our school through the front doors at 8:45 AM by administration.

How can I get a message to my student?

You may contact the office. Please make after-school arrangements before coming to school in the morning.

Can I visit the school?

For the safety and security of our students, visitation is limited and must be pre-arranged and approved. Proper ID is required. A Visitor ID will be provided. It must be worn at all times. No students from other schools or former students, will be allowed to visit.

My student lost something at school. What can they do?

If a student has misplaced something, please have them check in their classrooms, then check the lost and found.  This is located outside of the cafeteria.  Electronics and jewelry items will be held in the office until claimed. Unclaimed lost and found items are donated to charity at midterms and the end of each trimester.

How do I find out if school is canceled due to weather?

Please review the district inclement weather policies

The decision to close school will be announced by phone and text, will be on all major radio and TV stations, and the Jefferson County Schools Website after 5:30 am.


How do I enroll my student?

Please access the Enroll Jeffco site.

We are moving, how do I withdraw my student from EMS?

Please contact Carol Miner in the office. All books and devices must be returned to the school before the student can be un-enrolled, Your child's locker must be cleaned out. A refund of fees may be due to you. All records are sent from EMS upon written request from your child's new school.

Bus Information

Where can I find the bus schedule for EMS?

Access the schedule by adding your address to the bus schedule link.

How do bus passes work?

At this time, transportation is not allowing bus passes due to the driver and route shortages.


What is the school attendance policy?

EMS follows the attendance policy set forth by Jefferson County Public Schools in accordance with Colorado state law.

My student needs to be absent from school. What do I need to do?

Please call the 24 hour attendance line at 303-982-5018 to report the absence before 9:00 AM. Please leave your name, your student's name, and  the reason for the absence.

I need to pick-up my child from school during the school day. What do I need to do?

You can call the office prior to your arrival so we can call the student down.  Or your student may bring a note signed by you to the main office before 8:55 AM to get a pass. Then the student can be waiting in the office when you arrive for pick up.

What is the make-up work policy?

Students who have excused absences will have two days to make up their work for every day absent or alternative arrangements may be made with their teachers.

What is the policy on tardiness?

If students arrive at school after 9:00 AM, and their parent/guardian signs them in late, they will be issued a pass that excuses their tardy. When arriving without a parent/guardian, the student will be sent directly to class where the teacher will mark them as an unexcused tardy.

Being late to classes is unacceptable. Tardiness disrupts the learning process and interferes with the opportunity for all students to learn. 

Tardies result in the following consequences:

First tardy – Warning and documentation by the teacher

Second tardy – Warning and documentation by the teacher

Third tardy – Parent contact by the teacher

Fourth tardy – Referral to counselors for additional problem solving

Subsequent tardies - An attendance plan is developed by the administration, counseling, and teacher team.

The tardy count starts over each trimester.

Health Room

What happens if my child gets sick at school?

EMS maintains a health room to address first aid and unexpected illness. Students who become ill at school may come to the school health room  with a pass from their teacher.  Students will be allowed 10 minutes to rest; if they are not feeling better and have an elevated temperature or visible signs of illness, parents will be contacted to take the student home. 

Can my child bring his/her medications to school? Cough drops or inhalers?

No student may carry prescription medication or over the counter medications, such as aspirin, cough drops, etc. PLEASE NOTE the school does NOT provide Tylenol. All prescription or over the counter medication must be checked into the health room. It must have a current expiration date and have a Medication Agreement form signed by a parent and physician. Prescription medications must be in an original pharmacy container. 

Policies and Expectations

What is in the EMS student handbook?

Students are responsible for reviewing and complying with the information in the EMS Student Handbook. Click here to download the EMS Student Handbook.

What is the Jeffco Code of Conduct?

Students and parents are responsible for reviewing and complying with the Jefferson County School Code of Conduct

What is the EMS dress code?

From the Jeffco Code of Conduct Student Handbook: The Board of Education recognizes that responsibility for the dress and appearance of students generally rests with individual students and their parents, and that students may wish to express themselves by the manner of their dress and appearance. Students shall not, however, wear clothing or affect an appearance at school or school-sanctioned activities or events that is or will be disruptive to the educational environment. Students also shall not wear clothing or affect an appearance that compromises the maintenance of a safe and orderly school. The following general standards shall also apply:

Any manner of grooming or apparel, including clothing, jewelry, emblems and/or badges which by virtue of color, arrangement, trademark or other attribute is associated with or denotes membership in or affiliation with any gang, is not allowed. The prohibition on gang-related apparel shall be applied at the discretion of building-level administrators, after consultation with the superintendent or designee, as the need arises at individual schools.

**To avoid injury and disease, shoes, boots, sandals or other footwear must be worn in school buildings.

**Reasonable cleanliness of student clothing is required as a matter of general health and welfare.

**Subject to approval of the superintendent or designee, principals may establish additional specific standards for their schools. Any such standards must be published and distributed to students and their parents, and a copy shall be filed with the superintendent or designee. Disciplinary action for violation of the student dress code shall include notifying the student of the violation and a requirement that the dress or appearance be corrected before the student reenters the classroom, school environment, and/or school-sanctioned activity or event. At the discretion of the building-level administrator, a parental conference may be held. More serious consequences, including suspension or expulsion, may result from repeated or serious violations.

Can my student bring electronic devices to school?

Students are not allowed to have cellphones turned on or visible during the school day. If they have a phone at school, it should be turned off and out of sight from the first bell until the end bell. If they need to use a phone to contact parents, classrooms and offices have phones available. Students may use their phones outside of school hours.  EMS is not responsible for loss, theft or damage. Inappropriate use will result in the loss of this privilege, as well as a parent required to come to the school to retrieve the device.

All students are part of Jeffco Tech for Ed program and should bring their Jeffco device to school every day.

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