Drop off and Pick Up Information

EMS parking lot is split into three parts:

  1. Upper BUS ONLY lanes - These lanes are only for bus access so NO parent vehicles should use this lane when buses are in this lane before or after school. Do not use this lane during pick up and drop off. Also, do not use the bus lane to pick up your student from the office after 3:00 pm as our buses require the entire lane for student pick up and begin arriving about 3:00 pm. 
  2. Middle DROP OFF/PICK UP & EXIT/THROUGH lane. This lane shares the Hiwan entry with the bus lane, but veers to the left at the bus lane median. It is accessed by a right turn access from Hiwan only – do NOT turn left across traffic to use this entry. Stop, drop and go on the right; drive through on the left side of the lane. Always pull as far forward as possible before stopping to drop off your student.  No parking in this lane. 
  3. Lower Parking Lot & DROP OFF/PICK UP & EXIT/THROUGH lanes - use this lane if you turn left into the lot from Hiwan. Stop, drop and go on the right, drive through on the left only, students exiting in the left lane have to cross traffic and this is dangerous. Always pull as far forward as possible before stopping to drop off your studentThis area and the south parking along the berm are also parent parking areas. Do not block the left drive through lane of the lower lot.

We have many parents who drive their students to school which creates a particularly crowded pick up situation so we do appreciate your students riding the bus when possible.

In the morning - please "zipper" to allow cars to exit the lot. Parents can not enter the lot to drop off if parents who have dropped off can not exit.

In the afternoon:

  • While waiting for dismissal, coming from the Bergen side, fill the upper lot first, then the right side of Hiwan Dr. Leave the bus/fire lane access free as you line up. Pull as far to the right against the curb as possible to allow through traffic to get by. If you come from the south neighborhood area, you may turn left into the lower lot and line up in the same way.

  • DO NOT BLOCK BUS ACCESS to the upper lot. It is important to stay to the left of the center dividing line in the parent lane to allow buses room to turn and do not block bus access at any time. The late/transfer buses will turn left into the bus lane.

Safety Rules:

Our parking lot must be a safe, calm, orderly place for our students, parents and staff. Please remember everyone is here for the same reason and by following these rules we all create the best situation possible. The following safety rules are to be followed while operating a vehicle on campus:

  • Always yield to pedestrians. Drive slowly and cautiously, following posted speed limits.

  • Students should only exit/enter vehicles on school grounds, NEVER on Hiwan. Please have your student wait in the lot for you to pull in and do not have them walk down Hiwan sidewalk to load. This stops up traffic flow and is unsafe especially in inclement weather.

  • Yield to school buses; do not block school bus access to the lot at any time.

  • DO NOT load/unload your student in the crosswalk on Hiwan – DO NOT stop or make U-turns in crosswalks. Do not stop in the middle of the driving lane to load your child - please pull over.

  • Do not stop on top of crosswalks in the drop off lanes.

  • Watch for and follow directions from staff and crossing guards in the lot and on Hiwan, and please be courteous to our traffic directors.

  • Cell phones should not be used by drivers in a moving vehicle on school grounds.

  • PLEASE use the parking spaces available if your pick up time may be longer than expected. Do not use the bus lane for early student pick up after 3:00 pm.

  • If you wait to pick up on Hiwan, your vehicle must be inside white shoulder line to avoid impeding traffic on Hiwan. Remember the buses are much larger than a car and need to get by.

  • Your student may ONLY cross Hiwan at the lower crosswalk or with the traffic volunteer at bus/upper lot entrance - please do not ask your student to jaywalk directly to your vehicle as there are many blind spots on Hiwan and this is unsafe for everyone involved. In particular, the location directly in front of our Evergreen Middle Marqee is a blind spot for pedestrian crossing.

  • Do NOT ask your student to and do not ignore, impede, or go against the traffic volunteers’ instructions, these guidelines, or safety common sense (i.e., loading in a crosswalk space, jaywalking, unloading/loading on Hiwan).

Thank you for helping to keep our students, parents and staff safe!

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